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Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C specialize in providing Towing Tugs and services . Be it Coastal, Deep sea or Harbor , we have extensive expertise and experience backed with marine assets to support your requirements. We have been towing barges, drilling rigs, dry docks and ships regularly. We can provide both turn-key towing services or daily rate charters . Our current owned towing tugs are upto 109 metric ton BP capacity. All our tow tugs are IACS classed and well maintained . For your towing needs, we would be pleased to provide you with our best prices and services.


Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C provides the solution to housing offshore personnel in both safe and comfortable surroundings. For example: Our 200 man Jack-up Barge (RIVIERA I) is the efficient answer to your staff housing needs. The RIVIERA I provides a stable platform from which marine operations can be carried out and at the same time provide excellent hotel-style facilities for your workforce. When jacked up onto the legs the barge provides a platform which can be raised and lowered above the sea level, a feature that is ideal where tidal rise exchange could otherwise cause problems. The main advantage is the ability to provide above adequate accommodation for your workforce in remote offshore locations thus reducing ever increasing travel costs. With a 200 man capacity, it allows contractors to configure staffing logistics that best meets their unique needs rather than being forced to work around the costly limitations of a conventional travel/ jobsite scenario. The barge unit is dimensioned for practical and economic marine applications at diverse and remote locations. Modular attachments, anchoring spuds, hydraulic and mechanical winch systems, and ancillary attachments allow further customizations to the specific needs of the project. The 2013 re-fit included improved interior upgrade such as internet cafe, large recreational areas and TV/Media lounges, conference room and improved restaurant/mess facility, and spacious well maintained cabins with bathroom en-suite. Safety is our key concern so with the 2012 C02 fire suppressant system installation/upgrade ensures both client and crew can sleep-easy. With the ability to locate the system globally the “RIVIERA I” provides the perfect solution to the age old accommodation headache.


OILFIELD LOGISTICS Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C oilfield Logistics have a solid reputation within the oil & gas industry for its dependable service and continuing technological innovation. Its oilfield services offer an array of patented technologies, products and services for all phases of oilfield production. We have dedicated crews able to work on any size project and get it done safely and efficiently; our strength is eminently supported by the availability of permanent resources for any project our customer wishes to realize. Additionally, Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C oilfield services bring value and increase profitably to its clients by providing solutions avoiding shut downs and ensure projects completion. Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C represents both buyers and sellers of financial, energy, chemical and mining companies which are considering derivative, complex customer transactions, insurance and other risk-possible transactions. Our understanding of “both sides of the table” enables us to better structure and price commodity and credit transactions in the market place. Our best performance in class analytics allows us to present complex concepts in terms of clear decision based criteria. These criteria help ensure that senior management has the analysis and support needed to take the best decisions for your specific corporate interests. CHEMICAL LOGISTICS Chemical Logistics is one of the many services offered by Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C. It focuses on large volume chemical procurement and sales for both the USA domestic and international markets. Our experienced team of chemical traders and agents have built one of the largest trading businesses worldwide. Heading the chemical logistics division is our dedicated specialist sister company. Chemi-Link provides a one-stop logistical solution. You may require specialty commodity chemical supply or water treatment equipment or even plant integrated emergency systems. Whatever your technical requirements let Chemi-Link address those needs. Chemi-Link will identify opportunities to bridge the chemical supply and demand gap and invest in the logistics necessary to bring value to both suppliers and customers alike, combining product and market knowledge with an efficient logistics infrastructure to move large volumes of chemicals. Chemi-Link transacts business with all the major chemical markets in the world, importing and exporting products to meet trading partner supply and demand requirements. Chemi-Link is very much focusing on meeting the needs and expectations of the market whether it is a producer or consumer. We are proud of our reliability to deliver when and where required. We have developed long term relationships with our trading partners ever since the groups inception. Supply to Iraq the Demulsifier & Oilfields chemicals manufactured by reputed international companies. Supply to Iraq the Corrosion Inhibitor manufactured by NALCO. Procurement and supply of high-risk chemicals and hazardous load transport. Full logistical support and consultation services.


WRECK REMOVAL Most ports , Inland waterways and approaching areas to terminals require wrecked vessels to be removed. The wrecked vessels are hazards or threats to navigation. Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C have the expertise and heavy marine equipment required to undertake complex wreck removal operations. We provide “wet salvage” services include dealing with the aftermath of marine calamities, removing pollution threats, UXO’s and clearing hazards to navigation. We provide units from within our Salvage & Wreck removal fleet including sheer leg cranes, pull barges and other specialized equipment. We have completed several wreck removal jobs in the Gulf areas including removal of UXO’s successfully. SALVAGE OPERATIONS At Ismail Nasir Shipping L.L.C, we provide marine emergency response services within the Arabian / Persian Gulf regions. We have the capability to conduct salvage operations by refloating operations and rescue tows. Our salvage tugs have a wide range of salvage equipment including salvage pumps, submersible pumps, generators, welding, cutting, patching, firefighting and diving equipment.


Barges – Marine Project Transportation Solutions Lump sum or part time charter Custom marine transportation solutions Efficient & economical marine transportation solutions Special Transports (Blocks & rocks, pipes, modules, piles, structures, deck,,, etc) Barges and Tow Support Tugs (40 to 110T BP).


FIT-FOR-PURPOSE AND VERSATILE FLEET We provide fit-for-purpose assets designed with specific markets/clients in mind, in consultation with them, focusing on existing and anticipated needs in four verticals which include Specialized OSVs, General Purpose OSVs, Crew boats, Near Shore Vessels and Barges. Our diverse fleet can service our clients across all phases of the oil and gas cycle. Specialised OSVs AHTS Escort Tugs ASD 3213 series OSV’s DP1 Crew boats FCS 5009 series Fast recovery vessel Accommodation Work Barges & Workboats Utility Vessels Pontoon Dredger units

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At Ismail Nasir Shipping LLC we take the time to get to know our customers and understand their unique requirements. This enables us to apply our industry expertise to deliver a tailor-made service.

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